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Tax Crime

Tax crimes happen all the time. We only hear about the high-profile cases that involve actors, musicians and people in the public eye, but don’t let that fool you. The IRS CI is trained to follow the money, regardless of popularity.

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Podcast Business Degree? Our favorite podcasts for new business owners.

Thanks to technology, podcasts are an excellent way to learn about running a business. Podcast topics cover a huge range of information, everything from having a profitable idea, marketing, time management, networking… You name it, a podcast covers it! If you find yourself struggling in one area, listening to a podcast can educate, direct, and inspire you to move past it.

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The Fine Print On Starting A Business: Things nobody told you

Do you wish there were detailed instructions for the major life decisions you make? A book that told you all the fine print nobody ever talks about? It would tell you all the things you never thought you would say as a parent like “why is this french fry wet?” or as a new home owner “this wire is supposed to do what?!” As a new business owner, just like everything else, there is fine print and it often isn’t discussed.

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Filing a Business Tax Extension: When is filing a tax extension a good idea?

Honestly, we are not big fans of filing extensions. We find that business owners have a hard time moving forward into the new year when they haven’t closed the previous year out. It’s almost as if they have a weight they are carrying and can’t put down. However, We do believe there are two good reasons to consider filing an extension.

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Create A Nest Egg For Your Future: Considering your retirement plan options as a business owner.

Without a doubt, the number one reason to become an entrepreneur is so you control your own destiny. We are not just referring to how you live your day-to-day life, but your long-term future. When you think about the long-term, you should be considering retirement. As a business owner, you have so many opportunities to create a huge nest egg for your future!

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Beware: Small Business Tax Mistakes, Part 1

Owning a small business makes you very aware of every penny coming in… and going out! While following your passion is why you started your business in the first place, the reality is, it needs to be profitable. Most small business owners try to save every dollar humanly possible, but there are just some things you should not skimp on. Tax preparation is one of them.

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